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Jason and Diedra Vinson


Diedra and Jason met when they were both working in the restaurant industry in Ruidoso at age 19. Jason was a dish washer and Diedra a salad prep. Together, they worked their way up to kitchen and floor manager respectively. Owning their own restaurant was always a dream of theirs. 


After years of working for other people, in 2015, they decided it was finally time to have the place of their own. They opened Yo Mama's in a small place that they quickly outgrew. In 2017, the Vinson's were able to purchase their own building and expand their restuarant in their current location. 


Jason had worked in restaurnts across the country and has always had a passion for cooking. While his dad was serving in the Air Force and stationed abroad, Jason helped his mom by cooking dinner for himself and his three siblings. From there, Jason has been able to learn from multiple Chefs and has developed his skills to be a master behind the line. 


Diedra recieved her Bachelor of Science in Education from Eastern New Mexico University and has been teaching for over 15 years. She is also the Socorro High School Swim Coach. In addition to a full time job, Diedra trains the front of house staff, does all the scheduling and keeps the place running on the office/business side of things.

Jason and Diedra have two chilren. Derrick, a member of the United States Coast Guard and graduate of New Mexico State University, and Jordan, a Swim instructor and graduate of New Mexico State University.



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